8 Great Gift Ideas For Guitarists This Christmas

Gifts for guitarists who want to rock around the Christmas tree   05-Dec-12

8 Great Gift Ideas For Guitarists This Christmas

This year, make sure you get your fill of guitar orientated Christmas gifts, and if you need to drop a hint to your family and friends about what you want, just write the URL of this article on a post-it note and stick it on their forehead.

Whilst all the non-guitarists in the world are busy being merry, us guitarists will spend Christmas rocking out, as is the right way to celebrate the holidays. Although we can assure you that our Christmas gift ideas for guitarists will make you merry this yuletide, so you'll be both rocking out, and merry. You win.

We'll start out with the smaller gift ideas for guitarists, those little Christmas stocking fillers to fill you with joy and good cheer, then we're going to kick it up a notch. But all the guitar gifts on this list are affordable, so you should find something which will take your fancy.

First off, the smallest, and cheapest item on the list:

Belcat Q7 Keyring Tuner:

It's a tuner that fits in your pocket, great for the guitarist in any band who always asks if he can use your tuner. For £5.99, give the gift of being pitch perfect.

Price: £5.99

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