Play Faster On Iron Maiden Bass Strings

Rotosound give Steve Harris Signature Bass Strings a new smoother finish   28-Nov-12

Play Faster On Iron Maiden Bass Strings

Rotosound have improved their Steve Harris Signature Bass Strings using a new burnishing process. They tell us that the new upgraded strings have a smoother finish making them much easier to play at high speed. Here's the rest of what Rotosound has to say..

Steve Harris is well known as a founding member of Iron Maiden and is the only member to play on all their albums. He is considered one of the best and most influential heavy metal bass players in the world today. He is known for his 'galloping' fleet fingered bass lines and his own unique tone. To get the sound he likes the best Steve has used Rotosound strings throughout his career.

The upgraded signature bass strings, have been developed using a new process that gives these flatwound strings a smooth, slicker feel that means you can easily glide from the 1st to 12th position without hearing the movement. Slightly brighter than traditional flatwound strings the Steve Harris signature set (Product code SH77) has a unique clear mellow tone, which brings up the bottom end whilst toning down the high to balance the bass nicely. Oh – and each set comes with Steve Harris' favourite West Ham colours on the silk ends. The four-string set comes in 50, 75, 95 and 110 gauges.

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