All-In-One Pedalboard Cabling

The Lava Tube pedalboard snake is now available   28-Nov-12

All-In-One Pedalboard Cabling

The Lava Tube Pedal Board Snake is a 7-Cable all-in-one snake designed to wire up any type of pedal board. These snakes are fully customizable and include cables for AC Power (shielded), Amp In, Effects Send, Effects Return, Mono Footswitch, Stereo Footswitch or XLR, and CAT 5/MIDI 5 or 7-Pin.

Lava Cable tells us that, at less than 7/8" in outer diameter, this snake is very flexible and can be terminated in multiple configurations. Low capacitance Lava ELC and Mini ELC are used for all the mono cables and Gepco cable is used for the rest. The cables are color coded and use-identified with clearly legible print legends. All cables are shielded so there is no crosstalk and noise. The AC power cord can even be terminated so a power Y cable can be used for multiple power supplies.

A spokesperson told Amped, "There is no other snake quite like it. Finally there is a snake that can wire everything on any pedal board!"

Pricing and Availability:

The Lava Tube can be purchased as bulk cable or terminated in Lava Cable's Custom Shop.
Prices range from $169.95 (10-feet) to $279.95 (25-feet) and more based on length. Bulk cable is $7.45 per foot.

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