Mesa Introduces Four Drive Pedals

Tone-Burst, Grid Slammer, Flux-Drive and Throttle Box announced   27-Nov-12

Mesa Introduces Four Drive Pedals

Mesa has announced the Tone-Burst, Grid Slammer, Flux-Drive and Throttle Box.  They say that these four pedals deliver an exceptional variety of clip, drive, overdrive, gain and full-on distortion possibilities with tone you want and the features and versatility you expect from Mesa.

A spokesperson told Amped. "MESA Pedals are built by the very same artisans that create the award winning Mark Five, the legendary Dual Rectifier and the new TransAtlantic TA-30. These pedals feature the same quality components, craftsmanship and inspiring performance as all of our custom amplifiers. They're all hand-built in our one and only shop in Petaluma California.... the Home of Tone! And every MESA pedal is backed by our legendary Customer Service and our long-standing commitment to musicians worldwide since 1969!"

Here's Mesa's own description of the four...

The Mesa Tone-Burst clean boost/overdrive pedal
The TONE-BURST is your favorite new clean boost & drive pedal. It provides a virtually transparent gain range useful for level boosting, pickup leveling or amp front-end signal drive. In addition, the Tone-Burst offers enough boost to deliver an incredible range of subtle clipped and expressive overdrive sounds via the wide-ranging and perfected resolution of the gain control. Separate Bass and Treble Controls provide the finite tone shaping you need once your Boost and Gain levels are chosen. For fans of clean boost and clipped overdrive the TONE-BURST has raised the bar with clarity and sweetness you expect from Mesa.

The Mesa Grid Slammer Overdrive Pedal
The GRID SLAMMER Overdrive pedal delivers vintage breakup and classic overdrive in the legendary guitar-centric midrange region. The resolution of the Gain and Level controls provides an extensive range of gain from sweet clip to harmonically rich and sustaining overdrive. The Tone control provides the finishing touches of either warm & smooth when set lower to stinging & searing (above 12:00) once your Gain and Level settings are dialed in. The GRID SLAMMER raises the bar on this time-honored tone – already such a huge part of many guitarists' tonal arsenal and pedal boards.

The Mesa Flux-Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
The FLUX-DRIVE Overdrive supplies more gain than your standard overdrive pedal and an enhanced, liquid sustain. Gain & Level set moderately provides stinging attack and harmonics. Gain cranked unleashes rich harmonic layering for chording and searing, singing sustain with single notes. Used in your favorite amp's clean channel this lush gain can easily become your favorite overdrive pedal for soloing, BUT... don't forget to try the Flux-Drive in front of your favorite gain channel for boost or added saturation. Separate Bass and Treble controls expand the exceptionally wide range of sounds & styles available from the Flux-Drive. For rhythm, lead and nearly any musical or amp application, the versatility and tone of the FLUX-DRIVE is hard to beat.

The Mesa Throttle Box High Gain Distortion Pedal
The THROTTLE BOX serves up all genres of ROCK with cut and aggression but retains the signature warmth and organic sonic quality found in all our instruments. A HI-LO gain switch produces two distinct but related ranges of gain. HI mode delivers maximum gain, punch and harmonic layering. In LO the saturation is slightly reduced while still providing heavy gain. LO is the go-to mode for classic rock, blues and other mid-gain styles yet still heavy for rock. A small internal DIP switch in the battery bay allows you to fine tune bass response for either a tighter, more balanced bass – or – modern bass bloom. The extremely effective MID CUT control presents a wide range of possibilities from mid-forward attack when set low or heavily scooped midrange like the signature Boogie "Classic V" EQ when set higher. From bedroom metal to live high gain rock applications and beyond the THROTTLE BOX delivers modern gain sounds and versatility that reflects tones Mesa artists have been using for years for heavy sounds.

Each pedal also uses True Bypass On/Off Switching and is 9V battery powered or AC powered via an External Power Jack Input.  Beyond the features, tone and reliability that you expect and appreciate from Mesa, the stunning Etched Stainless Top Panel riveted in place creates a timeless vintage-but-modern look.)

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