Dave Weiner Talks About Clever Radial DI Amp Solution

Radial JDX used on Steve Vai tour for live tone   27-Nov-12

Dave Weiner took a few minutes out of his busy schedule on Steve Vai's European tour to answer some questions from his fans. One of the most common questions for the guitarist was 'why don't you use microphones on your cabs?', so Dave addressed the question.

In short, Weiner, backing guitarist for Steve Vai, uses a Radial JDX Amplifier DI box, a clever little gizmo designed to sit in the signal chain between your amp head and your cab.

It delivers the signal from your amp head to your cabinet, but also then delivers the signal to a mixing desk. Dave uses in-ear monitors and listens to the signal from the Radial JDX rather than listening to his cab, and describes the sound as being clearer in his ears.

He says an upshot of this is that he doesn't play 'too hard' as he can hear the finer details of his playing with more clarity.

Seems like a great piece of kit, and we'd be interested to hear from anybody else who has used it. Get in touch if you've had any experiences with this, or any other similar technologies!

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