New Demo of the Suhr Modern Frost in Black Ice

Barebones Suhr boasts two humbuckers in S-type body   26-Nov-12

Suhr's 'Modern' series has really found its market in recent years; it's the shred machine for the sophisticated shred lord. No gimmicks, no frills, just a well-made guitar with a beautifully playable neck.

The Modern Frost is even more barebones than the Suhr 'Modern' range, which means it might be a bit cheaper too - always a good thing, right?

But make no mistake, this might be quite as fancy as some of its Modern range siblings, but with an alder body and a 24-fret pau ferro fingerboard, it's a classy little number.

Despite the S-Type body, the thick body actually makes this guitar more closely related to a Telecaster, but the choice of alder wood for the body, plus the choice of two humbuckers, means that a Tele 'twang' will be pretty much off the menu.

Instead, expect a tone from the bridge pickup that will deliver classic rock bite, with lots of high mid overtones floating around on long ringing chords. From the neck pickup, expect something much smoother, like a Les Paul on the neck position, great for extended legato runs and sweep picking.

This demo shows off the 'Black Ice' finish on the guitar, the series is available in a range of colours, but all colours come in matte finish.

The video is obviously just a sneak preview, which we will undoubtedly see more of in the lead-up to Christmas and at the NAMM show next year, but it looks like a decent workhorse guitar, particularly if its as well built as the rest of Suhr's armoury... and there is no reason why it shouldn't be.

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