A New Way To Try Out Pickups

No need to remove strings or original pickups with the AxeTrak Pickup Tester   26-Nov-12

A New Way To Try Out Pickups

The AxeTrak Pickup Tester/Sampler offers a no-hassle, quick and easy way to
audition and test pickups on your electric guitar.

The Pickup Tester/Sampler lets you test and audition guitar pickups . . .

  • Without having to change, remove or even loosen your strings.
  • Without needing a soldering iron to connect your pickup under test.
  • Without having to remove your pickguard and pickup ring to access critical wiring]
  • Without having to remove back plate plastic to access critical wiring.
  • Lets you quickly audition series, parallel and split coil wiring configurations on multi-wire pickups with a 3-way switch mounted on circuit board.
  • U  Tester mounts quickly and easily anywhere on the smooth finished surface of guitar


How does it work?

This device works on the principle that it doesn't matter if the pickup is mounted under the strings or above the strings, as long as the distance between the pickup and the strings is the same, you will get the same results. Our pickup tester simply mounts the "pickup under test" upside down, like a bridge directly over your strings instead of under your strings. This device has special leveling feet with suction cups attached so that you can easily adjust the height of your pickup in relation to the strings. This unique design allows the user the same flexibility they would have if the pickup was mounted conventionally under the strings. The suction cups also provide a quick, convenient way for the user to attach the tester anywhere on the smooth surface of the guitar.


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