The 10 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitarists Of All Time

Here's the top ten, as voted by you.   23-Nov-12

5. Slash

It's top five territory now, this is when the competition heats up. It's pretty much a given that Slash would make it into the top five of a list of the best Gibson Les Paul players.

But if we're being honest, we would have expected you to have voted him higher, because he genuinely seems to be one of the most popular guitarists in the world right now.

His latest solo album, Apocalyptic Love, received rave reviews, and he's always done better out of the Guns N' Roses fallout than Axl Rose.

Slash was pretty much the last in a long line of iconic classic rock guitarists. His guitar playing was never outdated, but would have fitted in just fine in the early 1970s.

Through use of the neck pickup on his Les Paul, he achieved a smooth, bluesy lead guitar sound which became the most recognizable feature of Guns N' Roses' sound... even more recognizable than Axl's voice, which is saying something.

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