The 10 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitarists Of All Time

Here's the top ten, as voted by you.   23-Nov-12

6. Zakk Wylde

Zakk's first band was rather hilariously named 'Stone Henge', despite the Spinal Tap connotations, he did pretty well. After sending his tape to Ozzy Osbourne in the late 80s, he landed a role as Ozzy's lead guitarist.

Randy Rhoads was always a massive influence on Wylde's style, and he took up the baton where Rhoads tragically left off.

Eventually Wylde formed his own successful group, Black Label Society, and is now recognised as one of the fathers of modern metal guitar playing. His heavy grooves became as much of a signature aspect to his sound as his crazy pinched harmonics.

All hail Zakk, a legend of metal, and the only man whose Les Paul hypnotises you into Berzerker oblivion.

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