The 10 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitarists Of All Time

Here's the top ten, as voted by you.   23-Nov-12

8. Pete Townshend

A man who needs no introduction, but will give him one anyway. The sight of Pete Townshend wielding a Les Paul, with his right arm held aloft, mid-windmill, is one of the most iconic images in the world of rock and roll.

Townshend is best known as a rhythmic player, not a rhythm guitarist, but a lead guitarist with an incredible grasp of rhythm. His influence is still very apparent today, and his creative input into The Who as a producer and a guitarist was the driving force behind the band.

Despite trouble with hearing loss, he still plays live with The Who, and still produces records. Artistically one of the most visionary guitarists of all time, and a great inclusion in the top 10.

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