The 10 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitarists Of All Time

Here's the top ten, as voted by you.   23-Nov-12

The 10 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitarists Of All Time

We asked you for your top ten Gibson Les Paul players, and you told us! So here are the results, here's the 10 best Gibson Les Paul guitarists as voted for by you.

This is democracy in action people, so if you don't like the list, you should have voted... you should have voted. But we're sure you'll like it anyway, because as you can probably guess, some of the most beloved guitarists of all time feature on this here list.

10. Alex Lifeson

The guitarist who made prog cool, we can forgive him for the phase when he started playing keyboards more often than playing guitar for Rush, how can you not forgive Alex Lifeson?

His influences, broad and varied, have helped him form one of the most eclectic and forward-thinking guitar sounds since the invention of the electric guitar.

We asked you to vote not only on technical ability, which Lifeson undoubtedly possesses in great measure, but also on influence, and it's fair to say that his work with Rush helped some of the most prominent guitarists of the last 20 years.

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