Dave Weiner 'Ignition' Live in Paris

Intense solo from Steve Vai's backing guitarist   23-Nov-12

Here's a great inspirational clip of Dave Weiner playing his song 'Ignition', live at Steve Vai's gig at Paris Olympia.

It's great to see Steve step aside for a tune and let Weiner show off his skills, and while Dave might not be quite on the same level as Mr Vai in the technical wizardry department, he has a unique ability to put together and emotive and soaring solo.

This particular performance is breathtaking, particularly towards the end of the clip. It just looks like Dave Weiner was in the zone, he blew the roof off the place.

This is after all, what we are all aiming for as guitarists, we want to move people, and we want to use the guitar as a tool for expression. This is something Dave Weiner has down to a tee.


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