Graham Coxon Writes Bad Love Songs For TV Show

Blur guitarist writes terrible loves songs based on his own material   20-Nov-12

Graham Coxon Writes Bad Love Songs For TV Show
Graham Coxon (left) and Damon Albarn // Some rights reserved // Lola's Big Adventure

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has written a love song to be used in an episode of UK comedy show 'Fresh Meat', which is set in a house full of university students.

The song is written for comedic effect, and is likely to be the sort of embarrassing love song we may have all of written at some point in our lives, but the Blur guitarist says the song is actually based on songs he wrote in his youth:

In an interview with the Sun, Graham Coxon said:

"It's sort of based on some of my stuff, really. A lot of the songs that didn't end up on albums were even more pathetically angst-ridden than the one for Fresh Meat.

"I once had this room that was so small I had to cut up a mattress to get it in.

"I remember sitting on there and being totally and absolutely in love, hardly sleeping and going bonkers."

Blur recently announced they will be playing more live shows in 2013, despite reports that they might stop touring for good in 2012.

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