Steve Vai: I Own 262 Guitars Right Now

Vai talks about his whopping guitar collection   19-Nov-12

Steve Vai: I Own 262 Guitars Right Now

Steve Vai has spoken about his collection of 262 guitars in a new interview with Italian radio station Linea Rock. In the interview the guitar virtuoso states that he currently owns 262 guitars, but says that he doesn't collect vintage guitars.

Steve Vai said:

"Because I work with Ibanez, we're always working on guitars so I have prototypes all the time. I probably bring about 12 to 15 guitars on tour, and my three favourite guitars are EVO, Flo III, and Xavier."

He also spoke about the reasons he decided to start his own record label, citing a dislike for the way that traditional record deals worked. Vai went on to discuss the potential of digital music and the music industry:

"I always look to the advantages of new technology, a lot of people are like 'oh no it's all over we can't sell records anymore', but there's so much opportunity.

"And if you embrace it you can do very well, as a matter of fact I think that right now is the best time in history for an independent artist, because you can make your music available around the world digitally in ten minutes.

"If you're creative enough you can make a youtube clip that millions of people can see. But you do have to work."


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