Your Top Ten Gibson Les Paul Guitarists - Poll

We want to know your top ten Les Paul players   18-Nov-12

Your Top Ten Gibson Les Paul Guitarists - Poll

Gibson recently asked fans of their Facebook page to come up with their favourite Gibson Les Paul guitarist. Well that got us thinking; who would we have as our top ten Gibson Les Paul guitarists.

Now of course, this is just a bit of fun, and most people will have an entirely different top ten, but we want you to come up with your top ten, we'll have a look at the results and then reveal the most popular choices.

Just so we can try and have some sort of common yardstick for the list, let's rate guitarists on:

Influence - how much influence did they have on music at the time, and how much influence did they have on the development of their specific genre.

Technical ability - Were/are they any good at playing guitar? This might not apply for guitarists who were better known for writing amazing songs than amazing solos, but we've got that covered...

Songwriting ability - Did they use the guitar to write outstanding music?

Even those three areas we listed above are fairly subjective and contentious, but variety is the spice of life, and we're looking forward to seeing your answers.

Fill out the form below, and remember, this is just for fun, so no fighting! You can find a list of guitarists who have Les Paul signature models via this link.



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