Is This The Ugliest Guitar In The World?

New replica of Kay Solo King might just win the accolade   16-Nov-12

Is This The Ugliest Guitar In The World? have announced a new replica of the Kay Solo King, possibly the ugliest guitar ever made. This model on which this guitar is based was released in 1960, in the middle of a golden era for weird and wonderful angular guitars.

It features five knobs, despite only having two pickups, and looks a bit like the result of somebody getting drunk whilst operating the workshop machinery.

Despite this, in her own special way, she is an absolute beauty, and there is an army of barmy collectors who will jump at the chance to own a replica of one of the most peculiar models in the history of the electric guitar. is like an encyclopedia of the angular rock and roll guitars of the 50s and 60s, and coming up to its fifteenth birthday, the website decided to build a reissue of the 1960 Kay Solo King as a celebration of a decade-and-a-half on the fringe of oddball collectables.

The price is $379, which seems like a good deal considering that only 24 are being made. Still, it's only a good deal if you are mad enough to fall in love with the ugliest guitar in the world.

The 1958 model of the guitar

Thankfully, there are plenty of people for whom it will be love at first site. After all, how would we measure a guitar's beauty without having a measure of ugliness?


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