Video: Ex Iron Maiden Singer Gets Into Awkward Confrontation

Let the 20 minutes of cringing commence   15-Nov-12

Video: Ex Iron Maiden Singer Gets Into Awkward Confrontation
'You won't like me when I'm angry' // Some rights reserved // Silvio Tanaka

There's two things you can say about former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno:

1) He's a great singer

2) He's scary as hell

From this you could quite easily conclude that you would never mess with him, but a Ukrainian fan had other ideas. At a performance in Donetsk, Ukraine, one fan repeatedly shouted 'Bruce Dickinson' whilst Paul Di'Anno was performing.

Now, for the man who was the first singer to record and gain success with Iron Maiden, and who was later kicked out of the band for being unreliable on tour, only to be replaced by Bruce Dickinson, this might just hurt a little bit.

Di'Anno sang on some of Iron Maiden's thrashiest songs, and he will forever hold respect for that. But his reaction to the troublemaking fan was a little bizarre.

He accuses Bruce Dickinson of being an 'opera' singer, and then does an impression of 'Run To The Hills', and then says that he isn't Bruce Dickinson because he is 'not gay'.

It's all a little hard to make out, but the debacle goes on for about 20 minutes, and even if the fan is testing the patience of both the audience and the band, you have to admit that he has a pretty sizeable pair of crown jewels for telling an angry giant metal head that Bruce Dickinson is better.

Whatever your take on the incident, the video is a pretty good test of how much awkwardness you can witness before curling up in a ball of cringe. If you make the whole 20 minutes, we salute you.

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