Jason Becker Filmmaker Says Film Gave Him Hope

Jason Becker - 'Not Dead Yet' finally released in UK on Friday   14-Nov-12

Jesse Vile, the director of the new Jason Becker film 'Not Dead Yet' has said that making the film has given him hope for people who live with affliction in their lives.

In an interview with the Guardian, Vile said:

"Seeing Jason for the first time was an incredible feeling, suddenly it all became real, this was going to happen.

"I was making a film about him and there was no turning back, there was a long exciting road ahead of me and Jason as well, seeing him just kind of made it all a reality, because he's such a mythical figure, there's so much kind of mystique and mystery and mythology about him, so it was a bit daunting.

"I wasn't just meeting him to say hello I was meeting him to be the person to tell his story."

The film also gives an insight into how Jason composes his new music, with the help of an assistant who works with Jason to put his chords and melodies into a grid editor, where Jason can manipulate them.

Vile summarised his work on the film by saying:

"I learnt that there is hope for people with affliction in their lives, whether or not it's a disease, or the death of a family member."

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