Greg V is Back With a Bogner Palermo Demo

The simple amp with the classic heritage   13-Nov-12

Check out this demo of the Bogner Palermo demo, featuring none other than Greg V, one of the coolest demonstrators on the interweb.

The Palermo is Bogner's take on the classic amps of yesteryear. It has a lot of competition in the 18-watt market, with a number of amps harking back to the good old days of amp design.

It's the philosophy that built rock and roll, stick a couple of 6V6s in it and hear it roar. But Bogner doesn't do things by half measures, unless you want to engage the half-power mode, at which point it will do things at around half measure. So it's 9 watts or 18 watts, the choice is yours.

The best thing about this video is the photographs showing the circuits and the inner workings of the amp; something we don't get to see often enough in promo vids.

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