A Drum Solo Beats a Guitar Solo... That Can't Be Right!

It's sad but apparently, it's true   13-Nov-12

It's the news that no guitarist ever wants to hear - a drum solo beats a guitar solo. It's true, dear friends. Well it's sort of true.

In a new advert on Australian television, a drum solo is pitted against a guitar solo, but there's a twist. The contest is in the form a drag race, with one car representing a drum solo, and the other representing a guitar solo.

Unfortunately the drum solo wins, and annoyingly, it's a great advert.

The advert is for the drinks brand Ice Break. The reason for the advert (other than raising brand awareness through the medium of awesomeness)?

In their own words:

"Drum Solos rule. But Guitar Solos also rule.

"So how do you decide which is the ruling-est? Simple. Sort of.

"You take two righteous Aussie muscle cars, customize the shit out of them to represent each thing, and then DRAG RACE 'EM.

"The winner rules the musical universe and we never have to have this debate again."

Okay maybe they're right:


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