New Blink 182 Songs On The Way For Christmas

Pop punk band are quick with new material after record company split   10-Nov-12

New Blink 182 Songs On The Way For Christmas
New Blink 182 material on the way for Chrimbo // Photo by Neil Oliver

Blink-182 have announced that they are likely to have a new EP on the way in time for Christmas 2012. The band recently split from Interscope Records, and have promised that the new material is to be the best yet.

The new EP is likely to precede a full album in 2013, so as yet it is unclear if the new EP is likely to be a novelty Christmas release to be followed by an album next year, or if it will be a preview of new material the band have been working on.

Mark Hoppus wrote on Twitter:

"We're releasing some new Blink-182 songs in a few weeks, watch this space."

Tom DeLonge also added:

"New Blink EP for Xmas... :)"

The new EP could include material that didn't make it onto 2011 album, Neighborhoods, or could be completely fresh material the band have been working on in their subsequent time together. 

Neighborhoods was largely written with the band members recording songs and parts in separate studios and sending parts to each other through the mail or online, with the band having spent much of the last two years touring, the new songs could be far more collaborative.

If a little part of you is secretly wishing for a novelty Christmas record, then you do have a pretty good precedent for that:

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