New John Petrucci Plectrum Designed For Speed

New Petrucci pick for faster playing   08-Nov-12

New John Petrucci Plectrum Designed For Speed

Jim Dunlop have teamed up with John Petrucci to release a new plectrum, designed for finesse and speed. The end result of the Dream Theater guitarist's efforts with Dunlop is the John Petrucci Signature Jazz III pick.

The new pick is designed to the prog-rock legend’s own specifications, at 1.5mm thick, it is made from Ultex and features a raised JP logo grip and slick polished tip for smooth high-speed picking.

Petrucci said that his dreams of the perfect pick had 'been realised', commenting that “this pick is an essential tool for achieving the ultimate tone and greater levels of speed and accuracy in my playing."

For something so tiny, it seems a lot of consideration was put into this new plectrum, and considering it's the tool that connects the rhythm hand of one of the world's greatest guitarist to his strings, that comes as no surprise.

The Dream Theater guitarist even claims that he and the guys at Dunlop spent a lot of time working on the contours, and the size of the grip area.

The small and smooth Jazz III picks are favoured by Petrucci due to their smoothness and small size, which both contribute to clean, fast strikes against the strings.

If only we could all put such personal consideration into our own plectrums! 


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