Guitar Bargains of the Month - November

Rob Hicks points out some dirt cheap gear   08-Nov-12

Secondly I wanted to draw people’s attention to these:

These weird looking things are made by Danelectro and are STUPIDLY cheap for what they do. Now everyone knows the problems you get when buying cheap guitars, the neck is out of line, it buzzes like an angry wasp, and the pickups sound horrific.

The problem is, out of every one of these things I’ve tried I can’t find a damn fault with them (well, not a fault worth bitching about for the money!). They don’t play as well as your Custom Shop LP or your Highway 1 Tele but then, you didn’t have to remortgage your house for one.

For a backup guitar they are brilliant. They sound really warm and the neck pickup sounds very creamy. The biggest complaint I’ve had about them is the weight.

They are REALLY REALLY light, they’re chambered so have…well…chambers in them making them more resonant than a chipboard solidbody (the quality of wood you’d expect in any other guitar for this sort of money).

I know the looks are not to everyone’s tastes, when I first saw them I was disgusted but as I looked at more and more of them and especially after I tried one I fell more and more in love with them. It’s no wonder people like Jimmy Page and Mark Knopfler have one!

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