Guitar Bargains of the Month - November

Rob Hicks points out some dirt cheap gear   08-Nov-12

Guitar Bargains of the Month - November

Amped blogger Rob Hicks counts down some of his favourite gear bargains of the month, and the lead guitarist from Southern Drop sure knows how to get good gear on the cheap...


There’ll be two sections to this blog each month. The first will be a bargain which can be bought at the time that the article is posted (watch for links boys and girls), deals on eBay, Gumtree, etc. The second will be a general bargain that I’ve discovered in the past month or so.

Ok so I’ve taken a look around and have found a couple of potential deals around. This one from eBay looks like it could be quite a good find:

Click here: eBay bargain

There are a couple of reasons this amp will sell for very little. First, it’s collection only. This is the biggest ‘turn off’ for any potential buyer. I however, have devised a system, which works pretty much every time and is guaranteed to make you a saving.

Parcel Monkey is my greatest discovery this year. They are a courier comparison website who will look at who has vehicles in the area for your collection and are able to offer huge discounts on normal shipping.

For example I had an Orange Rocker 30 (with a flight case) sent from Glasgow to Bath for £19.80 fully insured up to £2000 and it took just 3 days! My Orville Les Paul was sent from Bath to Newcastle for £8 when Parcel Farce had quoted me £79… all you need to know are the dimensions (roughly speaking) and the weight, both can usually be found on the manufacturers website and a link to their website.

Another reason it'll go for very little is that the auction ends in the middle of the day on a Tuesday...when everyone is at work and not at home on their computers browsing eBay for bargains...

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