Simon Hetherington On The Open Source Devi Ever Console FX System

Cartridge based system has raised $40k   07-Nov-12

Simon Hetherington On The Open Source Devi Ever Console FX System

Amped blogger Simon Hetherington argues the case for the open source Devi Ever Console FX system, which started as a Kickstarter project and has raised $40k, it's nothing short of genius...

What is it?

It is a console based multi effect unit by Devi Ever that started out as a Kickstarter project. The unit itself just contains the knobs and switches commonly found on most effects pedals but contains no effects processing. The effects circuitry is contained within a cartridge, this is a similar system to the Nintendo and Sega games consoles of old.

What does it do?

With the cartridge system the pedal can be what ever you want it to be. The cartridge can contain the guts of most common types of effect. The cartridge can contain analogue and or DSP circuitry, you could even put a small synth like the Korg Monotron into a cartridge.

The cartridge will be open source so DIY enthusiasts can build their own effects cost effectively. A good number of independent and boutique pedal manufacturers have signed on to produce cartridge based versions of their pedals, including developers such as Devi Ever, Wampler, Infanem, Dwarfcraft, Dr Scientist and EarthQuaker Devices.

The pedal itself comes in single, double, triple and possibly more configurations. The pedal provides the controls for the cartridge effects, with one of the five controls assignable to an expression pedal for more hands (feet) on control. There is a knob to blend the effects so they can work in parallel or serial configuration.

Why would you want one?

The options of this platform seems endless. It can bring the cost of guitar effects down. Devi Ever estimated that the cartridge versions of her pedals would be $50 compared to the $100 of the standard pedals.

For most gigs you can get away with an overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal, chorus/flanger/phaser pedal and delay/reverb pedal. The console 3 would be ideal for this, and you can always mute your setup, and replace a cartridge if you want to change your sound.

If you want to build your own effect you can buy blank cartridges from Devi Ever and install your own components. This idea would also be good for prototyping new effects before buying expensive enclosures.

Will I be buying one?

Yes, most definitely. I love effects and this also brings out the retro gamer in me. I play mostly extended range guitars (7 & 8 string) this could let me blend between a high gain distortion and a clean boost or overdrive to get more definition to the low end.

The possibility of blending two or three different delays to get a rhythmic cross delay is also appealing. Of course i'll be getting some 8 bit fuzz type cartridges to take me back to the 8 bit gaming days of my youth.

I'm eagerly waiting on its release and will keep you updated as and when I know more.

For more information check out the following links and YouTube video


Console FX Website

Kickstarter Site

Devi Ever Website

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