Pete Townshend Walks Offstage After Sound Problems At The Who Gig

The Who guitarist appeared unhappy at sound levels   06-Nov-12

Pete Townshend Walks Offstage After Sound Problems At The Who Gig
Pete Townshend walked off stage early in Florida // Some rights reserved // Kubacheck

It's common knowledge that The Who's Pete Townshend suffers with hearing problems, he has recently been using assistants to help him mix records due to losses in the higher register of his hearing.

It now appears that concerns about the volume of a show in Florida may have triggered Pete Townshend to leave the stage early at a gig in Florida.

He left during the last song of the set, and did not return to the stage with the rest of the band when they performed 'Baba O Riley' as an encore.

Reports suggest that he complained to a sound engineer about the volume levels, mouthing "too loud", Townshend's brother, Simon, then confirmed this on Twitter:

"Pete walked off tonight because it was too loud. Was a good show but had some technical problems."

The Who guitarist has recently released his memoirs, titled 'Who I Am', in which he discusses the issue of his hearing loss and the injury to his wrist.


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