How Not To Market a Special Offer

This is how you don't market a special offer on amps   06-Nov-12

How Not To Market a Special Offer

GAK are one of the biggest online musical instrument retailers in Europe, and they offer some of the best prices in the continent. They've been doing this for a long time too!

However, whilst some of the current deals being offered on their website should be pounced upon like a tiger on a meerkat (sorry meerkats), some are less than droolworthy...

Take the example below, a whopping £1 saving on the Orange Crush PIX 20LDX, that's a saving of about 0.7%. Don't spend your leftover cash all at once!

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It should be noted that GAK are offering free next day delivery (for orders placed before 3pm), and are also offering a free gift with most purchases online, so it ain't all bad!

But below, see the best saving of all, a grand saving of £0! 

It's the Line 6 DT25, incidentally one of the best amps that we've ever reviewed here on Amped, and £599 is by no means an unreasonable price for the valve/digital hybrid. But it is the retail price recommended by the manufacturer, and probably not a good idea to highlight a saving of £0.

It's probably fair to assume that the special deal is the 10ft Stagg lead you receive with the purchase, which is better than nothing!

But just for a bit of fun, more great savings on the next page...

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