Dave Grohl To Play On New Queens Of The Stone Age Album

Foo Fighters guitarist to hook up with Josh Homme once more   06-Nov-12

Dave Grohl To Play On New Queens Of The Stone Age Album

Now it probably doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to crack this case (although it would be cool). It looks very likely that Dave Grohl is drumming on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, which is currently being recorded.

The band announced the departure of their long-time drummer Joey Castillo in an interview earlier today, and subsequently posted a picture online showing the mixing desk for the album recording sessions.

Some more amateur detective possibly reveals the stage at which the band are at with the recording session. A section of the desk had been labelled 'Dave drums', but only two channels were labelled as such, suggesting that most of the recording has taken place.

Usually, at least eight tracks would be used on a professional recording for all the microphones required to record a drum kit, and the two channels in use on the desk suggest the drums have already been recorded, bussed to a stereo channel, and the band are now mixing all the parts together.

This could mean that the album will be on the way sooner than expected.

Grohl famously drummed on Songs For The Deaf, and has also hooked up with Josh Homme in supergroup Them Crooked Vultures (alongside John Paul Jones).

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