Controversial Guns N' Roses Advert Axed

Robo rape poster pulled by Hard Rock Cafe   06-Nov-12

Controversial Guns N' Roses Advert Axed
The poster for the show

A controversial poster campaign for the Guns N' Roses 'Appetite For Democracy' residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas has been pulled, and an apology has been issued by the hotel.

The poster is based on the original album art for Appetite for Destruction, and features imagery suggestive of rape, with a robot standing over a woman who has her underwear around her ankles and appears to be dazed.

The original cover of the 1987 album never made it into stores, after disagreements with a number of retailers who refused to stock an album with sexually graphic imagery.

The inclusion of the posters in the marketing campaign for the Guns N' Roses residency has left many red faced, including the Hard Rock Hotel, and Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow, who was involved in an event which saw a Las Vegas road renamed in Guns N' Roses' honour.


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