Fender Sweepstakes Are Open, Win a VERY Sexy Fender Guitar

Guitar company are giving away Fender Select models   05-Nov-12

Fender Sweepstakes Are Open, Win a VERY Sexy Fender Guitar

Fender have launched another sweepstakes competition, and up for grabs this time is a choice of guitars from the Fender Select line up.

If you win the sweepstakes, you can pick any instrument from the following list:

Fender Select Telecaster, Fender Select Stratocaster, Fender Select Stratocaster HSS, Fender Select Precision Bass or Fender Select Jazz Bass.

It even caters for bassists, how kind. It's easy to enter, it's just the usual deal of swapping your details (and possibly your soul) in exchange for a chance to win some very beautiful guitars.

The competition comes in the form of an application on Facebook, so you will need to be signed up to the behemoth Orwellian social network to enter.

You can find that particular application by clicking here. You can see a picture of EVERY guitar in that list by clicking here, or going to the next page of this article.


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