Dave Weiner Releases Awesome 15 Minute Guitar Backing Track

'Better Backing Tracks' lives up to its name   05-Nov-12

Dave Weiner recently announced to his fans via Facebook that he was set to record a new series of guitar backing tracks, titled 'Better Backing Tracks'.

He has now released the first of these backing tracks on Youtube, and the track is a 15-minute-long funk fusion jam with chords and scale suggestions.

Dave Weiner is currently on tour with Steve Vai, and managed to record the backing track back stage before a gig in Sofia, Bulgaria. It features guitar playing and programming from Dave, and bass playing from Philip Bynoe.

If we're lucky, maybe we'll get a track featuring Steve Vai at some point in the future!

The video gives suggestions for chords and scales, but invites guitarists to use their ears and post up their own suggestions for licks and possible scales.

The track does represent a bit of a step up from the average Youtube backing track, and the series is likely to be a hit. We'll try and post them up here, as and when they are released.


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