Keith Richards Is The Best Rhythm Guitarist In The World

Gibson name the Rolling Stones guitarist as number one   02-Nov-12

Dave Mustaine

5. Dave Mustaine

Okay. FORGET the controversy of Malcolm Young, and consider the controversy of including Dave Mustaine in the list, and not James Hetfield. Both incredible rhythm guitarists, with different styles, and a chequered history together.

But regardless of Hetfield's undeniable talents as a rhythm guitarist (it kind of seems like the cool thing to do right now is to diss James Hetfield, but you will find none of that here), Dave Mustaine is also a longstanding veteran of choppy and chugging metal rhythms.

His step towards the political landscape has not been welcomed by so many, and he's a difficult man to love, but at least you can love his playing, and there's plenty to listen to in Megadeth's back catalogue.

But who else made up the top ten? Here's the full list:

1) Keith Richards

2) Pete Townshend

3) Jimmy Page

4) Malcolm Young

5) Dave Mustaine

6) Kaki King

7) Johnny Ramone

8) John Lennon

9) Ed O'Brien

10) Chuck Berry

What do you think of the list?


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