Keith Richards Is The Best Rhythm Guitarist In The World

Gibson name the Rolling Stones guitarist as number one   02-Nov-12

Malcolm Young

4. Malcolm Young

Perhaps one of the more controversial entries in Gibson's list of top ten rhythm guitarists, if it were a list of unsung rock and roll heroes he might be at number one.

The truth is that AC/DC's most popular work rarely contains anything too rhythmically demanding, but when Malcolm Young takes to the stage he proves that he is bang on the beat, and one of the most reliable rhythm guitarists around.

On top of this, he is surely one of the only guitarists in the world whose tone can be instantly recognised by listening to him play just one chord. He has virtually placed a sonic copyright on the E major chord.

Listening to some of AC/DC's album tracks also reveals that he is one heck of a guitarist, and capable of far more than E major, D major, A major... you all know which song that is.

Here's what Gibson had to say:

"Angus Young once said his older brother, Malcolm, could likely fill his shoes, but he [Angus] could never fill those of Malcolm. Indeed, Malcolm Young’s sensational rhythm work lies at heart of AC/DC’s distinctive sound."

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