Keith Richards Is The Best Rhythm Guitarist In The World

Gibson name the Rolling Stones guitarist as number one   02-Nov-12

Jimmy Page

3. Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page comes in at number three, the Led Zeppelin guitarist is best known for his lead work, writing some of the most recognisable and moving solos of all time. If 'Since I've Been Loving You' is a mark of his creative genius as a melodic player, then songs such as 'Over The Hills and Far Away' and 'Kashmir' represent a different side.

With the sheer range of influences that made up his style, he could never afford to neglect the intricacies and subtleties of rhythm, and his role in Led Zeppelin was such that he was keeping up with a dream team of a rhythm section.

Here's how Gibson justified his position in the top 10:

"Fans who revere Jimmy Page for his breathtaking solos and extraordinary riff-making should add Page’s rhythm playing to that list. Few guitarists have moved more nimbly between earth-shaking power chords and subtle triads and tasteful arpeggios.

"Much of Page’s magic emanated from the range of dynamics he achieved with various strumming techniques, which he often employed in acoustic settings."

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