Wampler Teaser Picture of New Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo Delay

New pedal with tap tempo and a faux tape reel   29-Oct-12

Wampler Teaser Picture of New Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo Delay
Retro design, with faux tape reel // Rights reserved by Wampler

Wampler have teased fans of their Facebook page with a picture of the first prototype model of the Wampler Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo, which will be available from 23 November.

No details have yet been released about the pedal, but it's fair to assume that it will be an updated version of the existing Faux Tap Tempo.

From looking at the photograph the first noticeable difference is that the pedal has a 'Faux Tape Reel' (very clever design) with more control than the previous model.

The 'Repeats' knob has been relocated to find space for two more knobs, a 'movement' knob, and a 'sway' knob. The movement knob was present on the former model, but has been moved to the centre of the pedal alongside the 'sway' knob.

The 'sway' control is new though, and we have it on pretty good authority that it acts in conjunction with the 'movement' and is sensitive to the input signal from the player.

The movement always allowed you to get some crazy sounds, and it's likely that the 'sway' will allow you to get a bit crazier.

The 'movement' control was a hit on the previous pedal, and allows you to control the sensitivity of the input-sensitive modulation circuit. Basically, the more signal coming in, the more analog modulation, so with this whacked right you can get some pretty weird sounds.

Another new feature on the new pedal looks to be tap tempo, which is always mega handy on a delay pedal, so that's a welcome addition.

As always, we'll have more news when we get it! In the meantime, stay tuned, and go and have a look at the Wampler website.

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