Kirk Hammett Talks About New Metallica Album

Work on new album will start soon   25-Oct-12

Kirk Hammett Talks About New Metallica Album
Kirk Hammett has discussed new Metallica album plans // CC // Florian Reischauer

The last time we were discussing a new Metallica album was when their collaborative project with Lou Reed had been released, and received... er, less than favorable reviews.

Kirk Hammett has now confirmed that the band will start work on a new album in a couple of months, which is similar to something Rob Trujillo said months ago, now it finally seems like the band are going to tear themselves away from their busy life on the road and head back to the studio.

Talking to Billboard, Hammett said the band would be dealing with a familiar problem when they returned to the studio:

“We have tons of ideas, and that really is never a problem. We never have a lack of ideas — if anything, the problem is we have too many ideas.”

He then confirmed when recording was likely to take place: “…it’s something we’re gonna start thinking pretty seriously about here. In about a couple months or so we’re gonna seriously start working it out.”

The band's 2008 album, Death Magnetic, saw a magnificent return to form for Metallica, who had been slated after their previous album, St Anger, was widely criticised for stepping too far away from the band's staple sound.

Death Magnetic kicked off a new string of tours in 2008, and the band have barely stopped since, bar to make a record with Lou Reed, which performed disappointingly with uninspiring sales figures.


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