Wampler Partner Up With Rob Chapman

Chappers becomes official Wampler artist   22-Oct-12

Wampler Partner Up With Rob Chapman

It's a story of two big personalities in the guitar world coming together in support of each other - doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? 

Rob Chapman has announced that he is now an official 'Wampler Artist' and endorses one of Brian Wampler's greatest triumphs - the Pinnacle Distortion pedal.

Chappers gave a pretty glowing account of Wampler's distortion pedals when he reviewed them back in November of last year, and is obviously taken with them enough to hook up with the company on an official basis.

It's good news for Wampler as well, who now have one of the world's best known guitar reviewers publicly promoting their brand to an army of Youtube and Facebook fans.

Rob Chapman started his famed Youtube channel in 2007, amassing hundreds of thousands of views for his review of the Tiny Terror, which he also demonstrated at clinics and events for Orange.

It was the entertainment factor of his videos which initially captured the imaginations of viewers on Youtube and on Sonic State, for which he also provided reviews.

Wampler Pedals was founded in 2004 in Martinsville, IN.


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