Bargain Alert: Sonuus Wahoo For £200

Next generation wah pedal on offer   22-Oct-12

There's always a bargain to be had on ye olde internet, and we've found a pretty impressive one. The Sonuus Wahoo wah pedal was first revealed in January of this year, but has still not been released.

That's good news for anybody who is in the market for a wah pedal, because until the pedal is released, there is a special offer on pre-orders. The MSRP for the Sonuus Wahoo is £325, but the current price for anybody who wants to put in an early order is £200.

That's a decent saving on something which is essentially a next-generation wah pedal, it's a box of tricks with its own software editor allowing you to change the settings and customize the sounds.

The Wahoo is a dual analogue filter stompbox where each filter can be configured as low-pass or band-pass and operate independently in wah pedal, envelope, LFO, and pitch-tracking modes. Makers, Sonuus, say that the warm-sounding fully analogue signal path is digitally controlled for precision, configurability and adaptability.

While it can be used with guitar, bass or keyboard, it works best as a bass pedal, simply because pedal-controlled filters always sound great on bass. If you're a guitarist though, don't let us put you off, check out some demos.

You can check out a bass demo of the pedal below, and see if it tickles your fancy:

[and we have a full review coming up soon... watch this space]


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