1/4 Bend It Like David Beckham

David Beckham's son is rocking a Gibson Les Paul   17-Oct-12

1/4 Bend It Like David Beckham
David Beckham for L.A. Galaxy // Some Rights Reserved // Regular Daddy

David Beckham's eldest son, Brooklyn, has been spotted roaming the streets of California with a Gibson guitar. Let's hope his taste in music extends beyond the Spice Girls!

The 13-year-old has been seen leaving the Willows Community School with his guitar, and has already impressed members of teeny-bopper band One Direction with his rendition of Oasis's famous track 'Wonderwall'.

But the rock and roll move from Brooklyn Beckham is not evidence that David has a wayward son, rather all of the kids have been signed up for hobbies and activities.

Their 15-month-old child has been signed up for dance lessons... we're not even sure we could walk when we were 15-months-old.

David Beckham is of course better known for his proficiency at kicking a spherical object towards to rectangular target area (that's football/soccer/whatever) but he has a decent musical pedigree.

Golden Balls is reportedly a huge fan of rock legends The Cult, and was credited by UK newspaper Metro as being the driving force behind the recent Stone Roses reunion.

Those Beckham kids don't have much to live up to do they? Their dad is the most famous football player ever, and their mum was in the best selling female pop group ever.

Looks like the only option for Brooklyn is to get a seven string guitar, move to Scandinavia, and start a death metal band.

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