Don't Try and Steal a Man's Guitar

Otherwise this will happen to you   16-Oct-12

If there's one thing you shouldn't try and steal from a man, it's his guitar, and this story just goes to prove it...

A 41-year-old man in Santa Cruz has been hospitalised after trying to steal a guitar from another man, the man who is suspected of trying to steal the guitar pulled out a knife at the Idea Bar and Grill and demanded that the victim hand over his guitar.

The victim, a 51-year-old male, refused to part ways with his beloved instrument and hit the would-be thief, knocking him to the ground.

Police officers arrived to find the suspect bleeding from the head, and later retrieved his knife from an area of sand near the beach front bar in Santa Cruz's wharf.

He was taken to hospital and it is expected he will be arrested upon release.

Just goes to show that you shouldn't try to come between a man and his guitar!



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