Cook Your Dinner in the Shape of a Guitar... Obviously

We have no reason to buy this, but we probably will   16-Oct-12

Cook Your Dinner in the Shape of a Guitar... Obviously

Okay, I am about to ruffle a few feathers right now, but I don't care. I'm about to mention Christmas, in October. But it's true, it's kind of getting close to Christmas, and I'm willing to bet my Fender Stratocaster that there are millions of women prowling the streets (not in the way that you're currently thinking about) right now in order to find a present for their husbands or partners.

Now this totally useless guitar-shaped Skillet is actually a cool little present, please don't buy it for your wife because she'll probably kill you, but as a little homeware gift for the both of you, it's pretty cool.

You can cook things in the shape of a guitar, this will have two positive results. First of all, you'll feel like a man of the world because you actually managed to get off of your ass and cook something, and secondly, your wife will be able to eat whatever it is that you cooked, so you'll gain popularity there.

Imagine, you're sitting at home and your partner says 'I feel like a biscuit', and you say, "don't worry dear, just sit there, put your feet up and tune in to this week's episode of whatever it is you watch on TV."

Thirty minutes later, assuming that's a reasonable time to cook a biscuit - it's probably not, you've got a tray of guitar-shaped biscuits, and all of sudden that thing that was on TV has been miraculously changed over to ESPN. You're a winner.

You guys can all thank me later.

The guitar skillet measures 11 inches in total length, and is available from Lodge.

(Anybody whose wife files for divorce as a result of any advice given by the author of this article should blame Rich, who contributed this blog, and is a total idiot).

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