The Loudest Chord Ever?

Cover your ears, now!   14-Oct-12

The Loudest Chord Ever?
Slade at Reading in 1980 // Some Rights Reserved // Andrew King

A group of guitarists in Coventry, England, are attempting to set the world record for the most amplifiers played simulatenously, they have struck a chord at the Ricoh Arena, in an event that is also likely to set a world record for the most noise complaints ever.

The attempt was led by Dave Hill, the guitarist of glam-rock band Slade. But organisers will have to wait a while to see if they have broken the world record.

Slade are well-known for being a loud live band, and drummer Dan Powell has been involved in a similar world record attempt for the most drum kits being played simultaneously.

The band were led by Noddy Holder, whose voice could probably shake the powder from the side of a snow-capped mountain, no wonder given that he had to sing over two guys who seem hell bent on setting world records associated with huge decibel readings!

Earlier this year, a number of ukelele players in Japan set the world record for the biggest ukelele ensemble ever, and over 2000 spectators at Womad Festival in Wiltshire this year set the world record for the biggest air guitar ensemble. They 'played' along to Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.

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