Old Enough To Rock, Too Young To Vote!

We look at some best young guitarists   14-Oct-12

Old Enough To Rock, Too Young To Vote!
Joe Bonamassa opened a gig for BB King aged 12 // Some Rights Reserved // Raul Ranz

There's a debate raging on in the UK, should under 18s be allowed to vote? We can't really answer that, but we're damn pleased that under 18s allowed to rock.

Some of the world's greatest guitarists have been too young to drink, smoke and vote, but talent is all the same regardless of age.

And in the Youtube age, underage guitarists don't need to bust a nut trying to get a gig in a bar that they're too young to buy a drink in, they can just post a video of their playing on Youtube.

Everyone knows the stories of the likes of Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa and Matt Heafy, who all went out there and made names for themselves when they were still at school.

Well we want to introduce you to the future stars, the young guys and girls who are making us all wish we practised a little bit more when we were kids.

Zoe Thomson

Zoe Thomson is a 9-year-old kid who can playing Yngwie Malmsteen solos, she's made it to primetime news shows in the UK, and has thousands of people checking out her videos on Youtube.

Take a look at the short clip below to find out just why:

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