Slash Invites Young Up and Coming Guitarist On Stage

Impressed Slash gives youngster a spotlight   14-Oct-12

Slash Invites Young Up and Coming Guitarist On Stage

We've all been there as a teenager; playing our guitar at home, volume cranked, daydreaming that we're playing with our guitar heroes.

Those sorts of dreams rarely ever come true, unless your manager is mates with Slash, that is. Chris Buck from South Wales was invited on stage with his hero, Slash, in the former Guns 'n' Roses guitarist's gig at the Birmingham Indoor Arena.

Buck has previously played at Sonisphere, and has gained a fanbase through use of Youtube and social meda. Buck and his band are signed to Tru-B-Dor records, and recently recorded in an album in the US, which will be released next year.

The South Wales Argus reports that the 21-year-old guitarist's manager has previously worked with Slash, and was still in touch with him. His manager sent a demo to Slash, who was impressed enough to give Chris a call and invite him to jam on stage in Birmingham.

Slash introduced Chris to the audience by saying: "This guy is an awesome guitar player, his name is Chris Buck."

Buck told the South Wales Argus:

"We performed a blues jam for about eight minutes, and we took it in turns to step into the spot light, and then we finished the song together.

"It was an incredible experience. Since I first picked up a guitar, Slash has always had such an influence on me as this iconic figure. His playing is something I have tried to emulate, so it was fantastic to have that experience."

You can see the performance in the video below:

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