Give Alice Cooper Your Gun and He'll Give You a Guitar

King of theatrical rock starts new scheme   12-Oct-12

Give Alice Cooper Your Gun and He'll Give You a Guitar
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Alice Cooper has bagged some brilliant headlines recently, whether it's been for bitching about reality TV culture or telling the world's children that even if they fail their exams, everything will be alright.

The 64-year-old rockstar has now launched a new scheme in South Dakota for underprivileged children, he helped open an academy for members of the local Boys and Girls' Club, fully kitted out with instruments donated by the likes of KISS, as well as recording facilities.

It comes soon after Cooper opened a similar facility of his own in Phoenix.

Alice Cooper said at the launch:

"Give me your 9 millimeter and we'll give you a guitar, I think that's a fair trade."

Millions has been invested in the centre in the hope of getting kids off the street and teaching them the fundamental skills needed for a career in music. It was spearheaded by Chuck Brennan, who himself has donated $3million to the fund.

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