Gibson's 110th Birthday: Five of the Best Obscure Gibson Models

We look at some of Gibson's strange and wonderful offerings   11-Oct-12

In at number two

Rory Gallagher's Melody Maker

2. Gibson Melody Maker

This is by no means the most obscure model on this list, but it is probably the most popular and it is definitely the most enduring. Simplicity is very often beauty, and the Melody Maker is just a beautifully refined guitar. No contours, small understated headstock, set neck, P-90s. Beautiful.

It was originally introduced in the late 50s and endured a number of changes to its design, it was then discontinued in 1971 only to be reintroduced in 1999.

The short scale version was minuscule, and a thing of beauty, everything seemed much more refined when it was such a miniature thing.

The Les Paul Melody Maker is also a popular model, which is essentially a single-cut version of the Melody Maker. Recently Gibson went a little bit mad and released the Flying V Melody Maker and the Explorer Melody Maker, but you can't beat the original.


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