Iconic Minimalist Gittler Titanium Guitar Due For NAMM 2013 Release

Lauded design soon to be available   09-Oct-12

Iconic Minimalist Gittler Titanium Guitar Due For NAMM 2013 Release

Gittler Instruments are to release their famous Gittler guitar, a design which first saw the light of day in the 1980s and won praise for its minimalist ergonomic design.

During the original release of the guitars in the 1980s, only 60 were produced and they quickly became collector's items. Shunning the traditional wooden materials used in guitar design, the new Gittler guitars are made entirely from 6AL-4V aircraft grade Titanium.

The philosophy behind the Gittler guitars is that every part of the instrument deemed as 'unnecessary' by the company is stripped off, and all that is left is the bare bones, the essentials of a guitar.

Whether or not this is a theory you personally subscribe to, the aesthetic of the Gittler is likely to at least light the embers of curiosity.

The Gittler guitar has moved a long way since its birth in the 1980s, and here's how:


  • Electronics box (Ebox)
  • 6 individual pickups
  • Hexaphonic output capability
  • Patented locking string mechanism
  • Abrasion resistant Titanium construction
  • Active electronics and tone shaping circuit
  • LED fret marker lighting
  • Adjustable bridge
  • Strap anchor points and adjustable bout
  • Optional LOXX™ strap lock system
  • Deluxe version in gun-metal finish with Aerospace Teflon™ coating


Gittler believe they've got something pretty special on their hands, we'll have to wait until NAMM 2013 to find out:

"Imagine being able to pitch bend a string down between the frets or to play it up through 3 octaves of soaring heights. Imagine 6 individual pickups, each dedicated to it’s own string and sonically separated from the others.

"You would own a tool of the purest tone and the best available synth tracking on the market today if such a thing could be realized.

"Imagine all this and more in a guitar that is only 28″ long, weighs only 3 lbs and is made from virtually indestructible Titanium. Take these few small examples and hide them inside of a masterwork of industrial design and, all things considered, you would be holding the new Gittler guitar in your hands. Welcome to the future…we’ve been waiting for you!"

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