Extremely Rare Gibson '59 Les Paul For Sale: $125,000

Left-handed sunburst Les Paul one of only four in existence   09-Oct-12

Extremely Rare Gibson '59 Les Paul For Sale: $125,000
Photo Property of Heritage Auctions

An extremely rare left-handed Gibson '59 sunburst Les Paul is up for sale, and it only comes with an estimated price tag of $125,000...

The high estimate is due to the belief of the appraisers that this is one of only four left-handed flame top sunburst '59 Les Pauls in existence today, and one of those is known to belong to Paul McCartney.

Heritage Auctions are selling the instrument, here is the description they give of the guitar:

"1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 9 0136. Neck pickup ring appears to be a later replacement. Jackplate has also been replaced but original broken piece is in the case.

"Electronics are original but cover has been removed from the bridge pickup. Considerable finish checking around tuners and on the back of the headstock. Tuners have been replaced with older Kluson single wind tuners with no writing on the back.

"Finish is original and black lights correctly. Neck has been re-fretted. This is undoubtedly the same guitar pictured with John McEnroe on the cover of the Guitar Aficionado, Vol. 1/No. 4. Original hard case included. Condition: Good."












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