Steve Vai Guitarist Dave Weiner Gives Home Recording Tips

Want to make better home recordings? Dave Weiner has some advice!   08-Oct-12

In an interview with Jason Burns, Dave Weiner has given his advice, thoughts and tips on home recording. Dave is a heavyweight in the guitar world, playing as the touring guitarist for Steve Vai for years, and also creating popular records of his own.

His first bit of advice seems to be centered on the freedom of home recording, which he suggests is not always a good thing. Most guitarists who record at home can relate to the tendency to use too many layers of audio and instrumentation on top of their guitar recordings, and Dave Weiner says he has made a concerted effort not to do this.

Check out the video above for some pearls of wisdom from Dave, who is currently on a solo tour with Steve Vai.

The video also includes news of his forthcoming projects and releases.

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