Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012: Who Would Get Your Vote?

The list is light on guitar bands, are we not cool anymore?   08-Oct-12


There's a school of thought in the rock community that says Rush should already be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are still selling out tours today, and they've been doing that since the mid seventies.

We're a community of guitarists here on Amped, but even we know that Neil Peart is one the coolest drummers ever, and he really should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on personal merit alone (it's really not often you'll hear a guitarist say that about a drummer, so savour this moment).

2112 is simply one of the greatest rock records ever made, and importantly the band kept trying new things and aimed to evolve throughout their lifespan, even if it didn't always work.

They are one of the only bands around that can legitimately get away with delving from a guitar driven sound, to writing melodies on synths, to putting jazz and hip-hop elements into their songs, and then going back to a guitar driven sound.

Even now, in 2012, they are still winning over critics and finding new fans. The Time Machine tour was widely heralded as one of the most ambitious and well-executed live shows of the last ten years, showing that those three old prog rockers have still got it.

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